Ralph Lauren Spring 2011:White summer

I must say that I don't like white so such, I love colours and prints more, but this collection is special, feminine, the clothes seem to be easy to wear and makes you feel free and the lace is used in great combinations.

It's summer, it's warm and these would really look lovely on street,so if you feel like wear as much white as you want this summer!:)


Anonymous said…
Imi place cum arata albul, dar nu pe mine... :P Dra prima rochie, cea cu bordura de dantela perforata(daca nu cumva ma insel) e chiar superba! Da, am o obsesie pentru dantela si broderie! :))))
@Keke:Si mie imi plac dantela si broderiile, poate de asta am ales rochiile din postare.

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