Dong Yi(2010)

Dong Yi(2010), another coreean drama ended this week, so it was time for its review.

It was a historical drama, had 60 episodes and the main actors were: Han Jyo Joo(Dong Yi),Ji Jin Hee(the king, you might have also seen him in The Jewel in the Palace),Bae Soo Bin(Cha Choon So, Dong yi's brother-you've seen him also in Jumong),Lee So Yeon(Lady Jang),Park Ha Sun(the queen).

The story begins with Dong Yi's childhood and the death of her father and brother, who were not guilty of the crimes they were acused of. With no family left to take care for her, Dong Yi arrives at the palace as a maid and years after this she meets the king in some very funny episodes.

She gains the trust of the king and the queen,works some years for the investigation departement and then becomes a concubine with the rank of sook-bin.

Her journey to the palace is difficult and hard, full of unpleasant moments, accidents, intrigues, Jang the other concubine and for some period the new queen doesn't want to share her power with Dong Yi.

Finally Jang is found guilty of all the crimes against Dong Yi and her son(which was so adorable), the new queen is moved by her sincerity and adopts the boy , so he could one day be the king(he was the 21th king of Joseon).

Dong Yi leaves the palace and decides to help the poor people instead, so this was a lovely movie with an interesting story, lovely characters and a great leasson about humanity.

These days i'm watching these new movies : Kim SoRo(2010) on TVR1 and The emperor of the sea(2004) on National (with Song il gook-Jumong).


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