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Is it enough?

I always had this feeling that "I'm not enough" for someone, for them, for the world.
It probably comes from a childhood, where I thought that I could be seen only if I were the best.
Nothing else was enough, but these weren't my expectations. I didn't care about awards or being first, I did like the game and wanted to be loved.
As time passed this feeling kept appearing out of the blue,leaving a bitter taste.
The world had its expectations, there was always a comparison that I heard and hated.
Why do you have to compare me to someone else?
Why can't you see me for who I am?
Even if I didn't look for others expectations of me, I did tried to reach some perfection.
I wanted a fit image in little time, to lose weight faster, hating every mistake I'd done on the way.
On those moments when I was stressed or hurt I didn't feel enough,I was failling.
And failure hurt more each time.
When the body began to hurt of stress and sleepless nights I thought I…

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