The Danish Girl: The search for an identity

This is the movie I was so anxious to see since last December when I saw the trailer and I was so surprised of Eddie's transformation.
Once again Eddie Redmayne makes a great character and is not afraid to play in a movie that might start controversies and I admire him for this.
I liked the quality of image, the well studies angles , the amazing landscape from the beginning and end.
1920 , Einar Wegener(Eddie Redmayne) is an appreciated painter who has a quiet life with his also painter wife Gerda (Alicia Vikander). One day , Gerda asks him to try some girl clothes so she can finish a portrait because the model was absent.
Suddenly wearing women's clothes becomes a game for the 2 of them and Einar discovers an unknown part of his personality.
Einar becomes Lili, stops painting, starts to see different doctors trying to fix his new situation. But nothing seems to work, Einar is unhappy, Gerda continues to paint Lili.
Gerda will find a doctor to help Einar become a woman and after 2 surgeries Lili dies.
It's a very sad story, because you begin to like Lili and understand her desire to become who she thought it was. It is incredible has Eddie succeeds to reveal the transformation from Einar to Lili.
The story of Lili Elbe(Einar Wegener) was real, her biography Man into Woman was published in 1933. Lili had 4 surgeries in 2 years , the marriage between Einar and Gerda was invalidated in 1930 and Lili received a passport and also had her name legally changed.
In reality Gerda didn't stay by Lili's side until the end,she was married with an italian and moved to Morrocco.
I really like how Eddie's movies present love, the real, intense and artistic side. It is the touching and powerful kind of love.
In playing Shephen Hawking he managed to show the love for a person who suddenly turns ill and whose life changes drastically. Would you continue to love such a person?
I was very surprised to find out recently that people think this situation is insane. I know it is difficult to take care of an ill person, but I also think they deserve to be loved as before and even more.
I also think this is the purest form of love, not selfish, expecting or demanding.
It is said that you can't save people, you can only love them. 
So give them the gift to feel appreciated and loved even if they are ill and vulnerable, give this to yourself!


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