My Writings: The Outlier(7)

There have been many moments when I used to hide feelings like anger,disappointment, sadness and I only hurt myself this way.
People want to see you smiling, faking the real feelings because it's easier this way for everybody.
But not for you, the one who's experience the feelings  and I learned that a lot of empathy and compassion is needed to let someone be himself. Most of the time and most of the people lack these qualities...
So I don't have to smile if I don't feel like it , I might also want to cry after an exhausted day when nothings seems to work or when I miss someone I can't see or talk to anymore.
I can also be disappointed when I don't get what I worked for or people let me down for no reason...
So, please, don't tell me that things will be ok in the end, because it doesn't work this way...Or worse don't tell it's not right or important the way I feel ...
I know I might never fit a "model" and don't want to, I don't agree to conformism or other imposed limits. You are the only one who can impose, test and change the limits!
So, don't expect me to behave like the average when I'm and outsider! I won't lose my time trying to be someone I'm not.
There will be moments when I feel lost, when I don't want to talk because I have to figure it out  by myself, when feelings are too hard even for me to understand. 
I will also try not to hurt anybody because I've been hurt before.
Someone once told me that it's going to be hard to be yourself in a world that doesn't understand. It is true but you don't have to make compromises , you have to keep going on your way.
Whenever I'm feeling down, remember it's been a hard and long walk and I might need a hug to continue...


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