Season Finale:Grey's Anatomy&Private Practice

Today we said good-bye to season 7 of Grey's Anatomy and season 4 of Private Practice,both very exciting and interesting this year.

So,let's start with Grey's Anatomy, which begins with Owen's and Christina weeding(on Private Practice Violet& Pete's weeding) a very special moment. Then there were some episodes when Derek tried to convince Christina not to give up at medicine, and all the others had difficult moments after the last episode on season 6.

There were also some difficult moments with Callie's and Arizona accident, when everybody tried to save Callie and Mark's little girl Sophie, which was also a musical episode, lovely idea.

In the end, Kepner was chosen chief resident , Christina and Owen broke up when she told him she doesn't want the baby, Derek found out about Meredith's actions on his trial and didn't come home.

Meredith was given the little black baby to take care of, so lot's of things are going to change next season, can't wait!

On Private Practice, Adisson and Sam seem to be very in love for some episodes, but the "baby" was another obstacle on their lives, Naomi came back to the practice and accepted Fife's wedding proposal.

Violet lost her practice licence , after her book being published and gives up again, leting Pete with the baby.

Charlotte and Cooper had their wedding in LA, passed very difficult moments with Charlotte being rapped.

I will miss these episodes soon, but i loved this season on both films. So, i'm stuck with House's 6 season or The Mentalist this summer.

P.S.: What do you like to see these days? Any sugestions?


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