My favourite korean male actors

1.Kim Nam-gil(13 march 1981) (my second favorite male actor)

I've seen him in Queen Seon Deok(2009) in the role of Bidam,a great role, amazing,funny. Has began his acting career in 2004, played in 10 TV series and 9 films. He also received awards for his play in Queen Seon Deok-Best Couple Award and Male Excellence Award.

I really think he is a great actor, with an interesting face and a great sense of humour.

2.Uhm Tae-Woong(5 april 1974)

I've seen him in Queen Seon Deok playing Yu-shin, a talented actor who began his career with a film in 1997 and since then had played in 10 Tv dramas and 13 films. Had also received some awards for his playing, to me seems to be a powerful and motivated actor.

3.Bae Su-bin(9 dec.1976)
I first saw Bae Su-bin in Jumong(2006) and then in Dong Yi(2010), a complex actor, very adaptable, with an interesting figure.

Had played in 4 films, 16 Tv Dramas and some theatre playes and i really loved his role in Jumong, quite difficult.
4.Lee Seo Jin(30 dec 1973)

The first korean actor that i really liked was Lee Seo Jin and his smile was absolutely adorable.I saw him in Yi San(2007),Damo(2003) and some episodes on Lovers.

Had played in 3 movies and 13 tv dramas, and he is a powerful actor, very talented, great in commedies or historical movies.

5.Song Il gook(1 oct 1971)
He is my favourite korean actor, curently seeing him in Emperor of the Sea(2004). He graduated from Cheonju University and majored in Performing arts,in 2008 carried the olimpic torch through Seoul.

In 2010 was invited to dine with heads of state to the Blue House, just because Jumong was very popular in Kazakhstan.

Had played in 2 films and 17 tv dramas and has almost 12 awards for his acting and modelling activity.

He is an actor who can play very different roles, powerful characters who can influence the story,a lovely face and very interesting eyes.

6.Jang Keun Suk(4 aug 1987)

Jang Keun Suk is my latest korean favourite actor,I like a lot his optimism, freshness, determination and rock style.
At only 24 years old he has played in 8 good movies, more than 15 dramas , has lots of awards  and a growing popularity.
And his lovely smile is addictive:)....


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