Kim Soo Ro(2010)

Another korean drama had just ended, so it's time for the review. Kim Soo Ro(2010) was a historical, korean drama, which had 32 episodes(quite short).

It tells the story of Soo Ro,the founder of Geumgwan Gaya,a state which dominated the sea trade and iron working.

The story begins when Soo Ro's father is killed in a battle and her mother escapes that place by hiding in a ship. She arrives in Gaya, gives birth to a boy during her journey by ship and loses the boy.

The boy is found by another family who was trying to have a baby,raised by them and taughed iron working.

At a moment, Soo Ro founds out about his real family, accepts her mother and brother, has to fight against some evil characters who wanted to be kings in Gaya and finally in the last episode he becomes the king.

There are also 2 lovely love stories- Soo Ro and princess Ahni from Saro, which dies in a battle and Soo Ro and the indian princess Hwang Ok, which he marries in the end.

In the main roles we find:Ji Sung(Soo Ro)-interesting actor,Go Joo Won(Yijinashi)-very cute & impulsive role.

I liked the story, the film was a little too short and it didn't leave me that strong impression the Jumong's story did(i might be subjective this time...).


Anonymous said…
Ma fascineaza fascinatia ta pentru filmele coreene! :)

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