Depeche Mode -Ultra

Searching on DM's site( I found out that on 15Th april 1997 Ultra was released and that made me very happy because Ultra is by far my favourite DM album.

So, Ultra was realeased after a break of 4 years(with Dave's personal problems) and is considered to be a darker album, but i think is one of their best.

1.Barrel of the gun(Singer-Dave Gahan)- is lovely, is weird , the video is special too.

2.The love thives(Singer-Dave Gahan)- is a deep and lovely song, wished to hear it live;

3.Home(Singer-Martin Gore)- a great song from Martin, had a video and the live is great;

4.It's no good(Singer-Dave Gahan)- the video is wierd too(just a little), but i love it:);

5.Useless(Singer-Dave Gahan)-i loved the video, loved the song, very powerful;

6.Sister of Night(Singer-Dave Gahan)- one of my fav(all time), never had a video, powerful lyrics and message;

7.Free state(Singer-Dave Gahan)- the one i chosen for this post, haven't listen to it for long time, love it ;

8.The Bottom Line(Singer-Martin Gore)- a lovely song, great lyrics;

9.Insight(Singer-Dave Gahan)- my fav from this album, wished to hear it live in a concert, Dave's voice makes it special.

P.S.:Which is your fav DM album or song?


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