My writing:Kids (27)

I'm looking again for simple answers to difficult questions...
What if all your dreams come true? What if?
I've tried to figure it out where should I go. There's a part of me that wants to remain to continue and the other that wants to go for a change.
At this moment there is a battle between these two parts. An answer here would be good.
I've always been a perfectionist, a part of me still is... But what if I've done all I could and the result is less than I expected?
It happened this Friday to be feel so exhausted and sad because I hoped and worked for a different result. Somehow a kind gesture from a shy kid changed all I thought I already knew....
Sometimes an embrace is all you need after some hard days, someone to tell you it's worth it. 
I spent some time thinking how to make things better, all I know is that I have to continue being there, showing those kids someone cares for them and hopefully they will begin to believe in themselves too.
It's hard to get closer to kids who had suffered before, who came from families with problems, who can't even name their emotions. 
The first step to solve something that bothers you is to name it... For some of them what they used to live is normality.
What I found out is that they crave affection and attention and maybe that's the starting point with them...
Being a perfectionist means I will try many times before calling it a quit. 
Hopefully in time little wonders will happen and the time we spend together will make them better.


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