Lion (2016) such a delight

I saw the movie today, without having any expectation,but knowing from people who had seen it that it was going to be touching.
My surprise was to read after seeing it that it received 6 Oscar nominations for: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor(Patel), Best Supporting Actress(Kidman), Best Adapted Screenplay.
I really wish it gets all the prizes it deserves, I can't find it any flaw or thing I didn't like.
It is based on the book A long way home by Saroo Brierley and it tells the story of a little boy from a poor Indian village. 
The little boy, Saroo, follows his brother Gudduu to work , they arrive at a train station and Saroo gets lost. He travels 1600 km by train , arrives in Calcutta, nobody helps him, is about to be sold, but escapes.
He is taken to the police by a man and then sent to an orphanage. A family from Australia decides to adopt him and his miserable life changes.
The same family adopts another indian boy an year later, Mantosh,but he doesn't adapt as well as Saroo.
20 year later, Saroo goes to Melbourne to study hotel management and he meets Lucy ( Rooney Mara).
He begins to think more about his childhood, his brother and mother, dreams about the places he used to see when was a kid and tries with Google Earth to find exactly where he came from.
After a painful search he discovered the place and decides to go and find his family. For me, it was very touching the moment when I meets his mother again and finds out his brother was killed by a train the same night when he was lost.
That was the moment when I start crying, it's symbolic the moment when you find your roots, because we all need them in order to know who we really are...
His mother never gave up to the idea that one day her son is going to come home,so she never moved.
In the end we found out that the boy's name was Sheru which means lion.
Dev Patel(Sarro) is incredibly good and expressive in this film. His presence seemed familiar, probably because I had seen him a couple of weeks ago in The Man who knew Infinity(the story of a mathematician), another movie I found very captivating.
The movie it's not easy, with great poverty , with an orphanage that seems unreal even for animals, kids who disappear and are sold for money.
On the same note saw yesterday Sold, a movie about a poor 13 years girl from Nepal who is sold to a pleasure house in India and forced to all kind of things...
The curly hair, the eyes, the drama , they all make me think it's been such a great role for Patel and this movie it's been a delight.


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