My writing: Fake life(26)

Today I'm quiet. Actually I'm too hurt and don't feel like talking to anyone about anything.
I'm at that point when I'm trying to understand all that I heard from you during that argument.
It's like I don't believe it's true,but the pain in my chest and sleepless nights remind me...
I don't think anything will be able to repair the damage or change my mind...your ego was too big.
I don't need you to justify a thing,or hear any apologies,these are useless now.
I still have the bitter taste of those words so cruel that hurt me,one after the other.
I remember my tears and anger. The feeling of being useless and all those questions.
Too much damage for what?
Where are we now? 
We used to be friends and all we do is keep arguing and hurting one another.  
When you give your best and  you are continuously rejected I see no way one can do better.
I don't care if you realize this when you see me leaving....I won't stay where I'm not wanted.
I need my peace of mind back!
I have to make those dreams come true...
After all , I need someone to choose me every time under any circumstances....


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