Blue Valentine & how I began to like Ryan Gosling

I've never been a fan of Ryan Gosling until I've seen Blue Valentine last Thursday. 
I've been the fan of the other Ryan, Reynolds, especially after last year's Dead pool, which was incredibly funny and sarcastic.
So coming back to Gosling , I saw La la land on December because it was a musical, but I had no expectations of it. And this was good, because i totally loved it and i began seeing Ryan in another light: a guy who can dance, sing and more express the feelings so well,not being another beautiful face in the cinema industry.
More, La la land has such a sad ending that left me thinking of the movie and Ryan's image at the piano for some days...
Then I saw The Notebook on 31st December, the movie everybody had seen except of me...
I think I heard of Blue Valentine years before, but never gave it a chance, tired of another Valentine's Day movie.
The truth is that the movie is everything,but not a Valentine's Day pink romantic movie. It's hard, blue, true, quite painful movie. And I liked it so much, that I saw it again on Friday night.
Ryan is just perfect for Dean's role, a guy who has many talents, paints and does other difficult jobs, loves his little girl and want to spend the time with his wife and daughter. What is curious it's that he has no other great ambitions or projects except of his family and is totally ok with this situation.
His wife,Cindy(Michelle Williams) is the opposite, she always wanted to be a doctor, even before having the baby and never gave up that thought that is consuming her.
Their story doesn't have the usual chronology: met, fall in love, married, kid.There is an interesting mixture of hard present and lovely past moments.
Maybe that's why it becomes quite painful to see their relationship falling apart, especially when Dean tries his best to keep things united.
Somehow he's the only one who tries and in the end you can't blame him at all. You can blame Cindy, but she's not guilty either, she wants other things and there's no love left for Dean as she says.
It's kind of cruel for Dean as he's the one who had accepted a child who wasn't even his, raised it and he has to go. 
There are many hard moments like  the night they spent in a hotel trying to save what's left, the moment from the hospital when Cindy is about to give up to her baby, their final argue.
But there are also some sunny , beautiful moments: the embraces, their song, the wedding with Cindy crying and Dean in a cheap blue costume.
The first thing that came to my mind after seeing it was: what's left when things are falling apart? 
What about having to give up at your best friend and not be able to embrace him?

Today , Ryan is the guy of the moment after winning his Golden Globe for the La la land performance. I'm so happy he did it and his speech for his wife was really touching and true.


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