Bye-Bye Adisson, Bye-Bye Private Practice!

This week I said good-bye to one of the TV show's I enjoyed so much since 2007-Private Practice.
After 111 episodes and 6 seasons, Kate Walsh(Addison Montgomery) decided it was time to leave the drama.
I loved Addisson from the first moment she appeared in Grey's Anatomy, as Derek's wife and that season wiht Derek-Meredith and Adisson it was one of the best as far as I'm concerned.
So, after being so popular in Grey's Anatomy,Shonda Rhimes decided to make a new drama series for Kate Walsh and her character.
Addison moved to Los Angeles to join a private practice at Seaside Wellness,the place where she found old friends as Naomi and Sam and made new ones: Cooper, Pete, Violet, Dell, Sheldon,Charlotte, Amelia, Jake and James.
Naomi and Sam were married and old friend of Adisson's, they break up, Sam dates Addison in season 5 and suddenly in the last episode they get back together(this was the surprise of the final episode).
Cooper is a pediatrician, a very funny and outgoing person and best friend of Violet. He meets Charlotte, the manager of a hospital, who is his opposite. 
Violet is a psychiatrist , meets Pete-alternative medicine specialist , they get married and have a child, their relationship has ups and downs and suddenly in season 6 Pete dies of a heart attack.
Shledon is the other psychiatrist, a relaxed person, always wanting to help the others.
Amelia is Derek's sister and also a neurologist, had some problems with drug addiction, but  she finds her love in season 6- James, the new doctor to replace Pete. And their story episode was one of the greatest of this season.
Jake appears in season 5, he is a fertility specialist, a calm and understanding person and the second husband of Addison in season 6.
Finally everything end well: Addison and Jake are together with their son Henry, Naomi and Sam, Violet decides to write a new book, Cooper and Charlotte take care of their 3 girls and Mason, Amelia and James are together.
The show is interesting, there are ups and downs, joy and unhappiness, smiles and lovely fashionable dresses.
And Addisson's personality is simply amazing! It is one TV show to be seen ! Enjoy!


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