Life in Pictures:Jang Keun Suk , Live the Dream(39)

Today I found this commercial and I think it is quie interesting. I also like the warm light, the story -very fresh and also the message:Live the dream. Inspiring, right?

You can find more here. Have a great day!:)


geanina said…
very nice movie!
have a nice day.. :)
BLOGitse said…
Oh yeah, live the dream. (not just dream)
Anonymous said…
Merită,cu siguranță !!!
elly weiss said…
E dragut filmuletul. Asa e.
Dar si cel din filmulet. Am descoperit, caci habar nu aveam, un actor, cantaret si model sud-coreean care are pana si fan club in Romania. Habar nu aveam despre el. E un tip interesant si foarte dragut. Mai ales ca nu ma dau in vant dupa asiatici :)
O saptamana buna!

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