I've seen this movie today and i can say that i really enjoyed it:). So, first of all, the subject was very exciting, mysterious and fun:)
It is the story of Sherlock Holmes and his friend Watson, crimes, the mysteries behind them and very smart and fun dialogue.
I've head that Sherlcok Holmes was the inspiration for creating dr. House and his friend Wilson(:)), but in this movie i can say that Holmes is really human and cares for at least one person around him, and Watson is actually the opposite of Wilson...
I liked the special effects, the acting(very much), the plot and the smart dialogue, everything was exactly where it was supposed to be, so i really enjoy beginning the year with such a great movie:)
I am impressed by Robert Downey's jr. acting, very elegant, just perfect for the character, and now i must see The Soloist where he's making another great part...
What i found out about him? That he dated Sarah Jessica Parker and Marisa Tomei, also played in Zodiac(another detective story) and Iron Man.
Has 2 Golden Globes for 2009 and should probably deserve another one for this movie this year, because he's nominated, but we'll see:)
The end left was the promise of a new part, hoping soon, because there are so many mysteries to be solved, by a funny, complicated and smart character such as Sherlock Holmes:)


Anonymous said…
M-ai facut curioasa, sper sa-l pot vedea si eu curand.
ana marin said…
Chiar nu merita ratat.Mai ales ca a fost sursa pt. dr. House:)

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