My Top 15- Favorite Actors

15 .James McAvoy

You've probably seen him in Wanted and he's quite a strange presence with beautiful blue eyes:)

14.Owen Wilson

Who didn't hear or see him? So, he's great in commedies(most of them with Ben Stiller), he's funny and a scorpio...:)

13.Russell Crowe

He's know for the Gladiator and i also enjoyed seeing "A good year" and "A beautiful mind", a complex actor:)

12.Hugh Jackman

He was the sexiest man in 2009 and had a great role in "Australia", waiting for more.

11. Jude Law

He is funny, nice and i really enjoyed "Alfie", great actor for commedies....:)

10.Jeffrey Dean Morgan

He is usually confused with Javier Barden(but is taller), was Danny in Grey's Anatomy, and had some interesting roles in "P.S. I love you" and " The Accidental Husband", always a funny and relaxing presence:)

9.Johnny Depp

He is well-known for the role of Jack Sparow(very funny), has some strange choices for his roles, and a balanced family...

8.Leo DiCaprio

He is a great actor , who made some very interesting choices lately: Body of Lies, The Departed, Blood Diamond and a great new movie is going to be released very soon:)( and he's a scorpio:))

7.Hugh Laurie

He's House and everybody knows and loves this crazy, strange, lonely but very smart doctor:)

6.Patrick Dempsey

He's Dereck , well-know for his play in Grey's Anatomy, but i also enjoyed: "Made of Honor", "Enchanted", very funny commedies, an elegant and relaxing presence.

5.Simon Baker

He is not that well-know, i saw him in "Something new", "The book of love" , "The Devil wears Prada" and of course "The Guardian" and "Mentalist". He's australian, very cute and a fresh presence.

4.David Duchovny

You've seen him lately in "Californication"(great one), some commedies and "The X-Files"

3.Eric Dane

He's know for his role in Grey's Anatomy, where is very funny and fresh, cute:)

2.Edward Norton

You've seen him in "History American X", "The Painted Veil", "25th Hour", "Pride and Glory", etc., speaks Japanese and French, had a degree in History at Harvard, is smart, choses well his roles .... :)

1. Gerard Butler

You've seen him in "P.S.I love you" , "Gamer", "300", "Law abiding citizen", "The Ugly truth" and has 4 more film for 2010:) He's the newest big star at Holywood,very cute, scotish, has a law degree and supports children who have cancer. I think it's enough for a no. 1:)
P.S. : I probably forgot somebody:) and i decided to begin the posts for this year with something funny . Hope you enjoy it:)


Anonymous said…
Mai daca la topul filmelor nu am zis nimic de favoritisme, aici clar nu mai pot sa tac!!Cum pe locul 5!!!! Simon Baker, un ilustru necunoscut :)))Ca sa nu mai vorbim de numarul 1, noul tau favorit!!!
Oricum simpatic topul!!!! :))))))))
ana marin said…
Hai sa zicem ca am fost doar putin indulgenta si destul de subiectiva, dar sigur n-am favorizat pe nimeni:)

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