Music: Tiziano Ferro

I rediscovered Tiziano Ferro some days ago,even if i had known him for years:) . First , i was quite impressed by his concert in Brasov this autumn, very good live:), even if at that point his presence on stage made me think that he was somehow selfish....:)

He already has 4 albums: Rosso Relativo(2001), 111(2003), Nessuno e Solo(2006) , Alla mia Eta(2008), which is also the best sold disc in 2009 in Italy.

I found him quite unusual(in a good way:)), his music is a combination of very smart lyrics, interesting sound , hard & soul , beautiful and powerful voice ,just perfect for a stressful day.

If i made you curiuos just a little , try his site: or http:/ /

and listen to : Sere Nere, Alla mia eta, Rosso Relativo, Stop Dimentica, Breath Gentle,La Traversata dell'estate ,or Il regalo piu grande:)

P.S. This is my newest crush is music, this time :)


Anonymous said…
Interesant intradevar dar cum ramane cu Dave? E deja de domeniul trecutului sau doar ai largit lista de preferati adăugându-l pe Tiziano Ferro?
ana marin said…
Dave ramane, la fel ca multi altii:), doar ca am gasit ceva nou si imi place:). Oricum raman fidela vechilor alegeri, dar mai imbunatatesc pe alocuri:)

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