The curious case of Benjamin Button

Quite interesting movie, lot of imagination for making the story, difficult to believe it can even be real, and still....

So, have you ever thought that you might be born old, then to be younger with every year that passes, how can this make you see the world?

It's strange and also difficult to feel like you are not a piece of that world, that there is no one like you and somehow you need to face all this by yourself.

Like i said before, i really enjoyed the story, how things change , how age becomes an important issue, and the actors were absolutely fantastic.

It was a good movie just about life, loving, passing through life, and finally age made the difference, but the characters did meet at a certain point in their lives, they did find the perfect age.

And as they said, nothing is perfect and i don't really believe age should make the difference, but the background they have, their maturity, when a conexion is made, age is the last thing that matters.

Ps: a cosy atmosphere is always interesting:)



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