My Writings: Back in time(13)

These days i feel almost the same way i felt 7 years ago when i was in front of a crossroad.
Back then I decided to change how my future was about to look,now i might need to do the same.
The difference is that now I feel more afraid I don't remember this back then. It might be a fear for success because i have in front of me the change i've been waiting for.
I know for sure there will be things and people I have to give up to. I don't know if I'm ready.
So it's kind of a mess with the desire to do what I love and the fear of new and uncertain. It may be normal and I wish it was easier.
Going back 7 years I think I was willing to give up everything and start over with what I liked. It wasn't easy either , but it was all worth it.
I just need to get back to this feeling of liking the job,being motivated and challenged.I may still need to find my place.
Maybe it's time to end a cycle and start all over.


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