My Writings: We walk alone (2)

We walk alone. We do.

It might sound sad because all you've heard is that you need someone to complete you. But you know the road, you've done it so many times before, so why not now?

You wonder what's changed. It's still summer, you're bored of this city and just craving for a place quiet to hear your thoughts clearly.

You are changed, time and people have changed you. You feel the need to run to escape, but what guarantee do you have? Actually there is none, nothing is perfect as you thought it might be. It's a world full of shades of blue, green, pink, black, it's confusing.

So, one more step to get closer to the thing you hope to achieve. Do you want it badly enough?

What if you are going to find something completely different from what you expected? Will you still be satisfied?

I know you want an easy road, everybody does, but life had already shown you that its plans are different for you. Maybe you need to see more, live more, choose, make mistakes, dream.

Can you still remember your dreams, the one that made your heart beat stronger? Have they changed while you were changing?

You loved to watch the stars in the night sky, it made you hope that you could be more, that things are not usefull and people can be happy again.

Eventually along your road you find people who have the same ideals as you do. They might walk near you, hold your hand, make you laugh. 

Then at some point as they leave you , you see yourself having to continue your walk. We walk alone!


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