Bad Guy-Korean Drama

Bad Guy(2010) is one of my lattest addictions! This is the best korean drama I have seen lately and also one of the best movies.

The film has only 17 episodes( it was supposed to have 20), but I'm sure you will enjoy each of them and probably see again. I have started with 3 episodes in one day and it just didn't seem to be enough....Told you it was addictive!

So, the story is great: Shim Gun Wook(Kim Nam Gil) plots revenge agains Haeshin Group because when he was a child he was separeted from his family , brought to Haeshin's manager house, raised as his child and then suddenly abandoned.

He meets his older sister Tae-Ra(Oh Yun Soo) and makes her fall in love with him, even she was married and had a lovely little girl.

He does the same thing with his other little sister Mo Net(Jung So Min), he becomes the personal assistent of Tae-Song(Kim Jae Wook), the one who was supposed to be the real child of the Haeshin Group's manager.

Everyhting is planned carrefully, there is no place for mistakes or other feelings, but meeting Moon Jae In(Han Ga In) changes Shim Gun Wook's perspective.

They become friends, even if at the begining she thought he was the real Tae-Song and tried to make him like her, then they both seem to have the same purpose.

The end is quite sad : Shim Gun Wook is killed by his little sister Mo Net, he founds out that he was the real child and his step mother was behind his ungly life story.

I was impressed by Kim Nam Gil's good acting, he really has the necessary skills to play this difficult role and much more. And as determined as he seems to me, i'm sure he'll bring many other beautiful surprises...

His character is a lovely mixture of a kind, smart, adorable persone and on the same time his darkest side: manipulative.

There is always a play between the light and the dark, the past and hurtful life and the new one with Jae In.

The story is well built: lovely and complecated characters,some drama, many details, lovely fashion choices, and as many korean drama the end is almost never a fairy-tale.

This is definitely a movie you should see, I found it great and amazing and of course, you shoudn't miss Kim Nam Gil!


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