The Emperor of the sea(2004)

Another lovely korean story had come to an end, so it's time for the review. I begin by saying that I loved this film a lot and somehow I might be missing it these days.

The film had 51 episodes and focused on the live of Bogo Jang(Choi Soo Jong), who was born a slave, but managed to change his life and to achieve one of the highest ranks of Shilla society.

In the main roles we also find:Chae Shi-ra(Madame Jami)-a powerful woman, whith lot of ambition and courage, who wants power and money and does everything to achieve them.

My favourite character and actor-Song Il Gook(Yeom Moon), was raised by pirates and became one of them, a character trying to choose between the what he needs to do and what he feels to be right.

The main obstacle between Bogo Jang and Yeom Moon is Jung Hwa(Soo Ae), a beautiful girl,who was raised by Madame Jami after her parents were killed by the pirates' attack.She is also very ambitious, learns to become a merchant, loves Bogo Jang , but they are always separated by someone.

Yeom Moon meets Jung Hwa, loves her and tries to protect her until the last episode, but she never gives him any hopes ,making him insecure and unhappy.

The story is lovely, full of action and emotions, the characters are very different and still there is no gape between them and this makes a beautiful story.

The last episode is quite dramatic, Jang Bogo is killed by Yeom Moon because he refuses to give up fighting in the war, the friends and wife of Bogo are also killed by Kim Yang's army and the pirate finds his happiness after saving Jung Hwa and Bogo's child.

Even if the story might seem a little too sad, this makes it a little closer to reality, because happy-endings are only for american movies.

I loved the story and Song Il Gook's character, because the character is very complex, insecure,powerful and emotional in the same time.I know you'll love it:)


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