Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I really love the dresses, tops and accesories that Valentino designs, because I find them clasic, stylish, feminine, easy to wear and the combination of that soft pink and black is lovely.

When I see his clothes I can't stop thinking why Coco Chanel was so loved... Mostly because her clothes were easy to wear and the colours she used were: white, black, blue or brown.

What about you?

Sursa photo: net-a-porter.com


ancahotineanu said...

Ultima rochie este fără doar şi poate FANTASTICĂ. O voi salva sa o duc croitoresei mele la făcut. :D

ANA MARIN said...

Ma bucur ca ti-au placut:) Multumesc pentru vizita!

Andres said...

Vai cat de dragute sunt rochiile!!! :X:X:X sa tot fie petreceri pentru ele :P

ANA MARIN said...

@Andres: Interesanta ideea!:)

quotationsfreak said...

Ador rochiile Valentino! Sunt atat de elegante si feminine!