Malaysia GP-Qualifying

Usually i don't write a post on F1 qualifying, but today the situation was different. So, there has been raining a lot during the 3 parts of the qualifying , which did change a lot the drivers' position in tomorrow's race.
The great surprise came from Massa, Hamilton and Alonso , who finished 19, 20 and 21:). The other drivers had a dificult task to resist on track, at a certain moment Schumi was 1 for 3 or 4 laps and it felt great:).
He finished 8, Webber was 1, Rosberg 2 and Vettel 3, so another pole-position for Red-Bull cars, hoping they can finish the race tomorrow.
Sutil and Hulkenberg , Kubica, Barichello, Kobayashi and Liuzzi are on the first 10 positions and Schumi is the only champion to be on top 10:)
Waiting for an exciting race tomorrow morning, with a little less rain:)


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