Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen is the movie i'm wanted to see so much lately and i finally did:)

It was what i really expected it to be, a smat film, with action, special effects and interesting characters.
GB seems to be the bad guy in the movie, but somehow you think he's right in acting so violently... So, he's family is murdered by 2 guys, one goes to jail and is sentenced to death, the other one is going to be free...
After 10 years, GB's character Clyde, begins a game which involves the death of several people from police and jail, to prove that the law doesn't actually serve the citizen or his interests....
I found the story exciting, Clyde is very smart and angry, always with a step in front of the police of the layer.(J.Foxx).
There is no happy ending, nobody is going to admit the mistake they've done to his family so the end wasn't that exciting , the could be the only -.
So, the movie is worth watching and GB makes a great role.....:)


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