My Writings:Broken(19)

This world had broken me into pieces once again.
Rejection hurts, dreams that never came true,lack of trust and much more.
I thought I was strong enough after all I'd been through... But look at me, once again with tears in my eyes and a hole in my stomach.
I'm angry, mad and sad and I need lots of space and time to process all that happened.
I'm tired of talking and trying to convince this world that I am right.
I'm also too disappointed to believe in good and getting the worst.I know my worth and didn't picture things this way.
Tonight I don't want to talk, scream or fight. I only need to forget everything for a while and feel your arms around me. 
Cause when things turn worse and I'm broken into pieces I need to count on you. And if I start crying , just hold me closer.
Later I will take up the pieces and start rebuilding...


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