My Writings: The story of a shirt(11)

I woke up this morning thinking that I will wear that shirt. What I didn't know was, that only by wearing it I will feel better.
It was a light blue cotton shirt , somehow man's style. I remember I always liked to wear shirts, the touch of the cotton or silk on my skin, a feeling of protection.
While wearing it I was smiling because I realized how little I needed to feel complete again. Suddenly all the things I've wanted and been running for were not important, like I had found that part of me I thought was lost.
Then ,through the day, I missed the way you touched my skin, being hugged, loved and taken care of. 
Like all this happened in a different life, memories of happy times.
I decided to go for a walk in the crowded city to shout my loud mind. People in a hurry, cold autumn day, a romantic city, the one I could fall in love of.
It wasn't just a city, it was the choice I had made years ago, the choice I wasn't going to regret, an active city, full of entertainment.
Not even the cold air of that morning could change my mind, I still liked the city , a crowded place where I'd found my peace. Today I needed ether to forget or to remember...You know, people forget easily.
I wished I could stop time, but it was impossible, so I decided to go swimming.
The water had given me a sense of security I've never found somewhere else. Water heals, never hurts. I wish you could come back and wait for me by the pool ,wished to see your lovely eyes following me until I got off the water  and back in your arms. I knew I had 2 strong arms going to protected me.
I felt your absence every day.
I went back home, the house was so different without you, I chose one of your shirts.
While I was sleeping I felt your arms around me and I knew I was happy again.


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