My Writings: In my shoes(1)

It's been a long tiring day and all I want is to find some moments of peace in your arms.
Recently I've been a terrible mess with lots of questions troubleing my mind.
I remember that things used to be smoother and now I constantly feel the pressure. 
I don't like this feeling, only in your arms i feel protected.
So I hurry to get back home, I wish time would stop a little and let me enjoy this. If I were different maybe just this part would be enough, but I am ambitious and I want to find my place in this crazy jungle.
I lose myself every day, I get angry, mad, happy, I cry , but somehow I'm me again in your eyes.
It's probably a matter of trust, the fact that you see me better than I do, the acceptance for my little failures and mistakes.
I give up in front of all this empathy, I let you see the vulnerable me. I know there's no need to hide and I don't even want to...
Now, as you hug me after a long day in the crazy world, I become once again vulnerable, with tears in my eyes... But, it's ok cause you are here!

P.S. : I am curios to read your comments about this story. Enjoy!


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