Life as we know it

Life as we know it , is the last commedy i've seen last week-end at the cinema, a great and funny movie that you should see , especially this time of the year.
The trailer made me think that this film wasn't that special, but seeing it was a great surprise, the movies has everything: a lovely story, funny moments, cute actors(K.Heigl and J.Duhamel).
So, Holly(K.Heigl) has a succeful business and a peaceful life, but her biggest dream is to make her own perfect family. She meets Messer, a sport lover, but they don't seem to like the same things, actually they don't really stand each other.
The only thing they have in commun is little Sophie, their best friends' daughter,and they have to take care of her when her parents die in a car accident.
Now they have to face different funny and unusual situations, but finally they make a lovely family.
Finally i will give you 5 reasons to see this movie:
1. It's funny and you get to laugh a lot.
2. The story is interesting and in the end you wish it didn't end.
3. K.Heighl is talented and funny and J.Duhamel makes a good part.
4. Sophie is lovely ....
5. It's just not the same commedy about families, it's more ....
Even if Life in Rome or Killers weren't that great, Life as we know it is as good as The ugly truth...


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