101 small pleasures you can enjoy every day

At: http://shine.yahoo.com/event/makeover/101-small-pleasures-you-can-enjoy-every-day-1125425/ you can find an interesting list , from which i'd chosen some of the little pleasures that can make me enjoy every day:
1.sleeping in
2.a perfect cup of coffee
3.a genuine compliment
4.your favorite song
5.inspiring blogs
6.a glass of red wine
7.a novel you can get lost in
8.a long walk that clears your head
9.eating wiht chopsticks
11.old photograps
12.your softest t-shirt
And i should also add:
13. a cup of hot flavored green tea
14. a cosy place to stay and not be found
15. a Murakami 's novel
16. a funny movie to relax
17. some chocolate , icecream or any other sweets
18. a sunny day and a park(the smell of grass)
19. beeing amazed of someone you don't know
20.a new pair of shoes
21. going to the cinema in the morning or at lunch time
22. new earrings
23. a long talk with old friends
24. a big hug and a kiss

P.S. : Waiting to know your small pleasures, and i'm sure i might have forgotten some :)


Margeluta said…
1. parfumul lui impregnat pe pielea mea
2. inghetata de vanilie si capsune
3. mirosul cartilor vechi
4. cerceii
5. macii si floarea-soarelui
6. imbratisarea unui prichindel
si pana la 101 mai sunt destule...:)
ana marin said…
@Margeluta: Multumesc de comentariu:)

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