For a while I forgot I could be happy again.
I even thought it was long gone and I was never gone reach that point.
But out of the blue, the change happened and all the good feelings and sensations came back to surface.
They say the body has a memory of its own and this is absolutely true.
 It was such a joy to find out that the body could take longer than I estimated, like in old good days.
With practice and consistency I might get back in the shape I once took for granted.
I know it won't be any easy, but the joy I rediscovered in gym is worth it.
I even could run for some minutes and how I missed that feeling.
It made me happy to know it's still possible, the joy of doing it was not lost.
There had been a few times when I was really sure about some paths and each time the drive to love what I was doing was there.
I consider each of these findings to be priceless.
After having a hard period lately, last week was pretty amazing in many ways.
I could bring to surface the compation and understanding I knew I had.
I found out the things that still move me and how to use them.
Maybe it's time to be happy again!


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