My writing:Black Swan (31)

Unexpected events tend to find you unprepared and vulnerable. But what if such events would be something you had always hoped for?
Black swans are those events that are less likely to happen, but when they do they have a high impact.
Finding this black swan was an inspiration in a moment when my motivation was almost lost. He had shown me once again that a beautiful mind can be so powerful,amazing and attractive. For this reason I felt less alone, cause it's kind of rare to find a beautiful and shinny mind.
This black swan has everything I want and need and it's scary that is seems to good to be true. 
Imagine talking to a mind that understands you completely, even more, a mind that reads you so accurately from the beginning.  Suddenly,you let down all the walls, because you want the black swan for yourself.
Now it's clear what all the struggles had prepared you for and in a second you would leave all the life you had built just to follow the black swan.
Tell me : how beautiful would it be to find someone who's in love with you mind? 


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