Bye 2017, Hello 2018!

It's here again that time of the year when you think of all that happened during the year which is about to go and looking forward for new beginnings in the new year.
I thought 2016 was a year with many ups and downs, but 2017 had greater. 
I worked a lot during this year, new activities, many challenges and I think I'm getting closer what I want to do. There had been many crazy working weeks, after which I only wanted to sleep, but at least I enjoyed my work.
With so much work and less resting my health wasn't as good as I hoped, probably this is the are where I wished this year to had been better.
Because of my autoimmune thyroid my energy was very low during all the year, I constantly tried to find ways to raise it so I can exercise more. 
In November I decided to try Pilates and I discovered I like this type of exercise, the only one that my low energy let me practice. Of course I still miss the gym and running, but at this point that involves too much energy, that I don't have.
Hopefully the next year is going to let me do more to improve my health status, nutrition and exercise.
One other hard part of 2017 was trying to lose weight with nutrition in the context of my thyroid problems. Well, it's been hard like hell, with very little progress, much stress, frustration,changes of diets.
What was really great about 2017 were the concerts I'd been to, a year full of bands I love.
The first one was Kings of Leon in June in Bucharest, a lovely night with my friends and their music.
End of July meant a 3 day trip to Cluj for Depeche Mode concert,a pleasure for my soul.
Discovering Cluj was interesting, I really liked the city, clean, beautiful people.
I sang and danced during all their concert, listening Cover me while raining, such a beautiful memory.
I've been to 2 Byron concerts: one at Filarmonica Pitesti and the other one on my bday at Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest. I can't describe how happy I was to hear them singing on my 30 bday being with my friends.
I finally got to see The Mono Jacks live and it was a very nice night. 
Travelling was less than I expected this year,I only visited Sibiu(again) and Cluj. I was supposed to visit Poland: Krakow and Warsow in September, but the medical problems that appeared 2 days before the time of leaving made impossible for me to travel.
It's been very hard to stay home in bed during the time I might have been in holiday...
Of course I can't wait to travel again and get to see as many new places with my friends.
I wish 2018 to be better about my travelling plans!
2017 was a hard year, very changeable and unpredictable and this was the idea of many people I'd talked to recently.
I see many ways to improve for the further year, I wish: balance, health and love!

Happy New year!


CARMEN said…
La multi ani, cu sanatate si bucurii, cu noroc si multe împliniri! An Nou fericit!

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