My writing: I would rebel(30)

You know there are 5 stages of grief, it begins with denial and should end with acceptance. It is said that acceptance is the hardest part and sometimes people don't achieve it.
Last days had been an incredible mess and let out lots of feelings, pain and helplessness. So I've been through denial , than it was time for anger.
Now I would rebel against a body that is too tired and exhausted to listen to me and my desire to travel as  it was planned.
I would rebel against the headaches and dizziness and lack of energy that didn't leave me raise from bed this week. 
I would rebel against all of these because it makes me unhappy and forces me to stop my travelling plans I've so waited for all the summer.
I wish there was an instant fix to all these medical problems, without having to wait for weeks for an improvement.
I would rebel against having autoimmune Graves and all the changes I've experienced since last November. 
I would scream or break something if that would help, but I'm sure it won't make a difference.
I would rebel against so many things that are unfair in this crazy world if only it would help!


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