Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bye 2016, hello 2017!

2016 has been a busy year with ups and downs, when I didn't write on blog as much as it happened.
It has been an year full of events worldwide and also professionally and personal. If you ask me what I remember of 2016 I would tell you that I remember working a lot, but I still have doubts if this is the direction I want to continue...I'll have to see
In between of working a lot and being very tired by the end of the year, I enjoyed some Byron concerts and finally got to see HURTS live at Summer Well in august.
I didn't write about Summer Well, but I really loved the experience, the place, the happy people and the concerts. I discovered there Milky Chance really good live, the Neighborhood - some kind of pop rock.
HURTS were really great and I sang and danced all the concert. My surprise were The Chemical Brothers, with a great concert, the best visuals I'd seen and a story built from a song to another. I couldn't stop dancing at their concert. Definitely a must see!
I don't know what they planned for 2017 ,but I might go again at Summer Well. 
What it's sure is that I'm going to see Depeche Mode in Cluj :) in july. And I also want a Placebo 20 years concert.
As for travels , I finally saw Balchik in June and it was so different that I imagined, but I liked it.
Then in October with a great cold I'd been in Berlin for 5 days and it managed to surprise me again. I saw the Wall that  I wanted to see for years and the Brandenburg gate. 
Potsdam was such a great experience with its lovely buildings, the park and San Soucci Palace. 
For 2017 I have some travelling ideas and I hope to be able to travel more , because that's when I really feel free and alive.
2016 was not such a good year for my health as I discovered the thyroid problem called Graves Disease and still try to get used to it.
I had also seen a lot of good movies and read many great books.
After all the ups and downs there are moments when I feel stronger and more zen and I hope to keep on with this feeling.
I want some changes for 2017:to be healthy and fit, to eat the right food as possible, exercise more, have positive experiences, love and travel.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

My writing:Blue December(24)

It's December again. That time of the year when everybody runs for shopping and presents like it's the end of the world.
And in this mess all I want is to have a book in front of me and a cup of coffee...
It's been a hard period since last month when I found out about Graves and begin the treatment with anti thyroid meds. 
It's been the denial and anger phase and the part when I have to stop exercising until my pulse goes under 80...
This week had been a mess, I haven't been well  for the first time I began the treatment: extremely tired, headaches. I wasn't in the mood for work or anything, all I wanted was more sleep. 
And the more I'd slept the tired I'd been... I also have that feeling that whatever I eat makes me gain weight.
I totally hate all these changes or this disease I understand so little, even if I'd read everything I could find.
I want not to be this tired and to exercise again like I used to.
I almost put into work an idea I had 4 years ago and I felt nothing of the joy I used to...
What's wrong?
The plans I had are hidden in a dark corner while I try my best to keep going.
So I'll have to go with baby steps and no plans.
I also keep missing you every day... I miss you the most!

Friday, December 02, 2016

10 ani Byron @ Club Hush

Cand si-au lansat albumul Eternal Return la Pitesti in martie, Byron au promis ca vor reveni pentru a sarbatori 10 ani de activitate.
Pitesti cred ca a fost ultima oprire pentru acest turneu, dar si locul unde au inceput acum 10 ani....
I-am vazut pentru prima data live in 2014 si de atunci nu ma mai satur... I-am vazut mai apoi la Hard Rock Cafe intr-o seara de mai, la un Impromtu la Clubul Taranului Roman la sfarsit de decembrie anul trecut si in toate concertele pe care le-au avut in Hush.
Aveam nevoie de niste clipe cu muzica lor in perioada asta!

Concertul a fost impartit in doua parti: prima dedicata lui Costin Oprea, cu piese de pe albumul Ups and Downs si apoi cateva melodii ale Luciei, care mi-a placut mult live.
A fost emotionanta aceasta parte, stiu cum este sa-ti fie dor de cineva care nu mai e.Un lucru minunat ca ne-au reamintit de Costin si muzica lui.
A doua parte a fost concertul mult asteptat, un mixt de piese de pe albumele din cei 10 ani care au trecut. Am ascultat : On the Road, Zeltgeist, Don't want to entertain you, Ochii tai, 1000 chipuri, Peace, Marea, Cu capul in nori, Peace of mind, The night,Perfect,etc.
Mi-au placut mult Tumo, pe care am auzit-o live pentru prima oara si Gone Fishing , care este preferata mea de pe Eternal Return.
Proiectiile video au fost interesante si perfect alese pentru fiecare piesa.

Personal am simtit lipsa unor piese din playlist : Loosing Control, City on Fire, Little by little, Cu sange rece sau It ain't gonna happen today...
Baietii au fost minunati ca de fiecare data, concertul s-a terminat undeva dupa 01:30, sincer mi-ar fi placut sa dureze mult,mult.
Starea de euforie si zen dupa concert m-a tinut cateva zile la rand.

Long live byron!