My Writings:I WONDER(5)

I don't like goodbyes and I'm not good at them. Probably never will be...
I have the strange feeling that we've met before. In another place or time but I'm sure we did.
Sometimes i just want to ask you what do you see when you're looking at me? Do you see all the scars that I try to hide, the tears that I can't stop or the little smiles when it's sunny?
There are moments when I wish you didn't, when I wish you could see only the good you deserve.
But you know life is strange and I'm not a good actor so I can't hide.
There are moments when I need to be sure and I let you see all the dark parts hoping you will still stay tomorrow. Does this scares or dissapoints you?
Somehow I need to be sincere with both of us. It's hard to let you know the scars from the past or the tears when my world breaks into pieces.
Most of the time,all I need is a shoulder to put my head on when things get heavy and your arms to hug me when I'm falling apart.
Sometimes I just think you can see me better than I can...I wonder,what do you see?


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