My Writings: It's ok to just be us (3)

"What will we be?
 I don't know. Maybe we'll just be us"(E.Hemingway)

I had never been able to answer that question " what will you be like in 5 years by now?" . No idea, I hardly know what i'm going to do tomorrow. Life is so unpredictable,that sometimes it's a waste of time to make plans.
Why not trying to be happy and free? I know it's hard and you have to work every day for what you want, but what if this is all we get? 
I also know there are moments when everything seems useless , when the world is against you and all you want is to hide in a lover's arms.
Then you'll be sad and vulnerable, you might cry for all the things you couldn't before and it's perfectly fine.
There will be sunny days when you want to watch the waves and hear the sea. You'll find the peace near the sea and keep this memory in your heart.
There will be long autumn walks in the park , colored scarfs, books and coffee. 
There will be winter days when you don't want to get up and go to work, just stay in the comfy bed, drink hot tea and reading books. 
There will be springs days when flowes bloom and sun begins to warm and you just couldn't wait for walks in the park.
There will be trips and airplanes, cities and friends. 
There will be moments you loose or you win, when people let you down or make you happy with a few words.
So I can't predict the future, there's no statistical model good enough for this. So, let's try to be kind, healthy, happy and free. In the meanwhile, it's ok to just be us.


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