"Eat, pray, love" is that kind of movie that you "must" see and there are plenty of reasons for this.
I really enjoyed the story, but i would like to read the book first so that i can compare it with the movie.
The main character, Lizz(Julia Roberts) decides to end her 8 years marriage and starts a one year trip to make up ther mind. She spends 4 months in Rome(such a lovely place), where she makes a lot of new and warm friends and of course eats a lot. And drinks red wine...:)
Then, she leaves Rome for India, in order to find her peace and pray, here the images are so full of bright colours, but still i would have chosen another place for peace...
Finally, she arrives at Bali, where everything is so exotic, warm, with lovely flowers, she meets Ketut, helps him in different situations and also finds her love - Felipe(J.Barden).
Of course, there are lots of ups and downs, lots of questions and i really found the movie exciting, smart and relaxing.
P.S: So, have you seen it? What do you think?


Anonymous said…
Am vazut ca multi au citit cartea, eu inca nu. Iar cand am incercat sa vad filmul, am adormit de vreo 2 ori si inca nu am reusit sa-l termin. :))))))))) Nu pentru ca ar fi fost plictisitor, dar nu cred ca mi-am ales bine momentul pentru a-l viziona! Plus ca am tot auzit vorbindu-se despre el, am tot citit despre el, chiar am vazut si emisiunea lui Oprah in care era invitata autoarea cartii, incat parca a fost prea mult...

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