Gamer is the latest movie i've seen today at Scala and it was quite interesting and different.

It was a little strange because i was used to see Gerard Butler in comedies( such as "The Ugly Truth" or "P.S. I love you"). I was also to surprised to find out that few people recognized him when i told them about the movie(what a pity!).

So, Gerard Butler , who is my new favourite actor:), is a player in a surviving game, controlled by a 17-years old kid. He has to survive to 30 battles, the movie presents the last 3 and his escape to rescue his family.

The story wasn't that difficult or surprising, only the idea of living people controlling other living people in computer games or social networks, that was probably the surprise.

Then, i really liked the music and the special effects, it's a quite "moving "film and you don't have enought time to get bored in 98 minutes of watching.

And coming back to where i started, i really chose that movie for the main actor, who wasn't a dissapointment:), was quite good for the play.

Probably in December in our cinemas is going to be released Low Abiding Citizen, whose's trailer i've already seen and the movie seems more interesting than the so called SF Gamer.

It seems like Gerard Butler decided to take a little break from the comedies and show us that he can still be a taugh guy. He did it !:)

P.S.: I have just seen 300, which is very good, the same GB...!


Anonymous said…
Încă unul în seria "favorite actor"!! Al câtelea e? Cine a fost înainte, le-am pierdut şirul?! :))))
ana marin said…
Pai sa-mi aduc aminte mai recent: Ed. Norton, Simon Baker, D.Duchovny, Harap Alb din Grey's Anatomy, si sigur am uitat pe cineva. :)

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