The Jewel in the palace....

So, this is the latest movie i'm watching and i'm quite fascinated with the story, characters and the whole landscape.
It is a story which took place during 1494-1506 and 1506-1544 in South Correa, the story has some historical base: Dae Jang-jeum is the only female to become the king's personal phycian.
Lady Choi and the younger Choi did exist in the history of that period, but her real actions were worst than it is shown in the film.
It was also the highest rated drama in Coreea and had a great success in Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, Iran and many others.
So, the story is amazing,the period is well designed, the characters are very expesive and not so young as you might think :), I must mention that yesterday i have seen the last 7 episodes of the movies and everything can't let you do anything else, but it's worth watching....And of course there are some surprises left for the last 5 episodes, i won't tell more....
I am really pleased with the story and it had such a great sucess, that the park where was filmed the story soon became a place visited by many fans...:)


Anonymous said…
The actions of Ms. Choi were worst!!!!?????. You've got to tell me more.
P.S. Si mie imi place filmul, dar am senzatia uneori ca toate persoanjele nu au decat memorie de scurta durata , ca prea conteaza doar clipa prezenta, cea trecuta nu prea si recunostinta e relativa la ei.

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