Ensemble, c'est tout

This is the lattest movie i've seen, just say : today ! Ok, it was quite unexpected but i really wanted since march to see it and today just happened to be there:)
I was really pleased with this movie, so different, so french, so exceting:). The actors are really tallented and expresive, the music was great, the story fantastic.
But, i had already knew the story before seeing it, as it is based on the same novel of the french writer Anna Gavalda...
It happened once, with The Da Vinci Code to be really dissapointed with the movie because it was a copy of the book and it told me nothing more, just like the images and the actors were speachless!
But this didn't happened today, it was a great atmosphere, cosy , calm , such a great movie for a hot summer day:)
I liked Audrey Tautou since the role in Hors de Prix, which is such an amazing story, and on this movie she was just the perfect Camille, there was nobody else to come to my mind for the play.
The actor palying Frank had a difficult task as his character is a quite difficult person, but he managed it well and was an interesting presence in the movie, don't mention the one playing Philibert!
The story is quite sad from beginning to end, the characters are so normal, so difficult, so different one from another and still they make a whole and that's the magic of the book and the movie, the atmosphere.....
It is probably the movie i had expected with excitement, of course after Pride and Glory, and the time was worth, because it came at the perfect time.
I was just craving for 97 minutes of calm, peace, real, joy and it felt great:).....!


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