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Stories of anxiety

The first time I had a major panic attack was in September 2021, the night before going on a holiday, after a very busy and stressing period since the pandemic started. I was sleeping and I wake up with my heart racing unable to breathe and until then I knew nothing about anxiety or panic attacks. Later that month I continued to have more and more panic attacks daily, as I was extremely stressed working in a new position that I couldn't identify with. I don't remember much of that period, only the many panic attacks,waking up in panic in tbe mornings, hyperventilation, being unable to eat or sleep for many weeks.  It was a nightmare I was living, having to also endure the shame of having anxiety, like anyone ever would choose to be anxious and feel like shit. Looking over the statistics of last year in US, 19% of adults had anxiety disorders, 8.3% major depression and 3.6% PTSD.  I never thought the numbers were so high. Anxiety is messy , unpredictable, tough and most of the t

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