People leave because they want to!

You could say that after everything that I'd experienced I'm used to people leaving.
I was left alone many times while my mom had cancer, instead I was with her at every chemo session and many surgeries for 7 years. 
I would do it 100 times more if I could. 
Recently it made me very angry and frustrated to see people leaving me while I'm having a tough time. 
At first, I couldn't understand, how and why they do this so easily, as I'm one of those who stay. 
Then I got the most accurate answer:people leave because they want to! 
It became so clear and it's useless to try to change their mind. 
So, the door is open if you want to go, but when you decide to come back you might not find me there...
The right people, the rare ones you can count on, will stay and that's more than enough! 


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