Hugs and a glass of wine

I miss drinking a glass of wine with you and spend hours talking about everything that comes to our minds. 
I like listening to your stories while I'm in your arms. It's where I feel the most peaceful and I wish I could stop the time for some moments.
I also know you don't like hugs that much, but you do it because I love them. I feel both protected and vulnerable in your arms and I know you could never harm me.
I like that you don't ask about my scars, but you are there if I feel the need to open up. 
Sometimes I wish I could break all the walls that you built, but I know this takes time and patience. 
I never thought we were so alike when I first met you and didn't spend much time to understand what I was attracted to. 
But now it's so clear that we are so much alike, I began to understand your moods, how you hide when you're having a tough time, how you try to solve everything on your own. 
I saw you at your lowest and that triggered my anxiety. I felt like I had no air to breath and I couldn't stand still. 
So, I get it when you don't feel like seeing anyone, go for a walk to calm down, doubt yourself everyday, are afraid if people may leave again. 
I'd been there, I know these demons and how hard it is, how much you want to run to escape these feelings. 
As hard as it is, having someone in your corner helps a lot and I've no intention to go. 
So, let's drink another glass of wine and talk non sense. And hug me tight, cause I need it. 


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