My writing: Scars(29)

We all have scars, have been hurt and hurt other people.
I know my scars so well, because I've always tried to hide them. And I built walls for that, walls that you need patience and courage to climb. I still have those...
I have been hurt a lot during many years and that left me with some painful scars. For this reason I trust people hard and keep them at a certain distance, so that they can't hurt me again.
But somehow you came closer and I let you and trusted you. 
I was so disappointed when my expectations didn't meet reality, but after many hours of thinking, I know you did the best you could.
Maybe your best was not the result I wanted and there is nobody to blame for that. We are all different, want different things, have expectations, make mistakes and we move on.
There are moments when I miss you,when I would climb all the walls you built and hug you, just to know you are ok.
I have seen you hurt badly twice and I felt your pain. I wish I had never hurt you, or that you didn't  hurt me so many times, but I can't change the facts.
All I know is that I can no more stay where it hurts.... 


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