Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Writings: The story of a shirt(11)

I woke up this morning thinking that I will wear that shirt. What I didn't know was, that only by wearing it I will feel better.
It was a light blue cotton shirt , somehow man's style. I remember I always liked to wear shirts, the touch of the cotton or silk on my skin, a feeling of protection.
While wearing it I was smiling because I realized how little I needed to feel complete again. Suddenly all the things I've wanted and been running for were not important, like I had found that part of me I thought was lost.
Then ,through the day, I missed the way you touched my skin, being hugged, loved and taken care of. 
Like all this happened in a different life, memories of happy times.
I decided to go for a walk in the crowded city to shout my loud mind. People in a hurry, cold autumn day, a romantic city, the one I could fall in love of.
It wasn't just a city, it was the choice I had made years ago, the choice I wasn't going to regret, an active city, full of entertainment.
Not even the cold air of that morning could change my mind, I still liked the city , a crowded place where I'd found my peace. Today I needed ether to forget or to remember...You know, people forget easily.
I wished I could stop time, but it was impossible, so I decided to go swimming.
The water had given me a sense of security I've never found somewhere else. Water heals, never hurts. I wish you could come back and wait for me by the pool ,wished to see your lovely eyes following me until I got off the water  and back in your arms. I knew I had 2 strong arms going to protected me.
I felt your absence every day.
I went back home, the house was so different without you, I chose one of your shirts.
While I was sleeping I felt your arms around me and I knew I was happy again.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

La tete Haute(2015)

La Tete Haute(2015) este un film foarte bun, pe care l-am vazut in aceasta saptamana in cinema si care intra in top 3 filme franceze preferate.( alaturi de Les Intouchables si Ensemble c'est tout)
Nu aveam asteptari inainte sa vad acest film, il alesesem pentru ca era un film francez , o drama.
E fara indoiala cel mai bun film pe care l-am vazut in acest an, a fost prezentat in deschiderea festivalului Cannes in 2015.
Lasand la o parte toate defectele pe care francezii le au, in ceea ce priveste filmele, cel mai adesea realizeaza filme foarte bune inspirate din realitate.
Iar acesta nu face exceptie. Malony(Rod Paradot) este un tanar de 16 ani, care si-a petrecut copilaria fara a avea parte de dragostea materna, mai mult in grija consilierilor desemnati de judecatoare(Catherine Deneuve).
Malony este un copil dificil, agresiv, care nu merge la scoala, fura masini si se plimba fara a avea permis de conducere.
Malony va sta la inceput 6 luni intr-un centru de reeducare, intr-o zona de munte, unde alaturi de alti adolescenti ca el si ajutat de cadrele de acolo va incerca sa-si stapaneasca agresivitatea, sa-si inteleaga emotiile si sa-si ocupe timpul cu activitati utile.
Revenind in mediul din care a fost scos, Malony va incepe sa aiba aceleasi preocupari, iar faptul ca il ia pe fratele sau mai mic dintr-un centru de ingrijire si pleaca cu o masina furata, ii aduce pedeapsa de 6 luni intr-o inchisoare de minori.
Aici este ajutat de consilierul sau(Benoit Magimel) si se gandeste serios la sarcina prietenei sale Tess. 
Dupa perioada petrecuta in inchisoare ,Malony se va schimba, se mobilizeaza sa munceasca pentru a avea grija de Tess si copilul lor.
Este foarte interesanta transformarea lui Malony, de la o persoana inchisa si agresiva, la o persoana sociabila, datorita afectivitatii pe care Tess i-a aratat-o. Desigur la inceput se revolta chiar si asupra atentiei pe care o primeste, nu se considera demn de ea.
Este destul de dur sa privesti cum depravarea de dragoste si atentie, mai ales din mediul familial, pot avea asemenea efecte asupra formarii afective a unui copil.
Prin urmare uneori avem nevoie doar de putina atentie, dragoste si empatie pentru ca lucrurile sa se desfasoare normal.
Este un film dur, dar care aduce in atentie grija pe care sistemul din Franta o are pentru copii aflati in situatii dificile, indrumarea care le este oferita, grija pe care judecatorii, consilierii, avocatii si pedagogii o au pentru ei.

Friday, February 12, 2016

My Writings: About Plans(10)

My idea for this post came from here. Actually I always wandered why I find so difficult to answer the question: How you see yourself in 5 /10 years from now?
I don't make plans for such a long period of time, I have only in short lines ideas about the next 3 or 6 months. 
Statistics and life had shown me that it's quite risky to predict something considering a long period of time.
I had also seen my plans turned to dust because life happens and you can't control it. That's why I really don't have the answer the others expect me to.
So I don't have a fix plan to see x countries, get married, have babies,etc. I do believe "baby steps" work better for me, as I am not a very patient person and I'm also trying to achieve a fragile balance.
I also don't have a time target for all the things I wish to do, mostly because I don't like the "MUST". I don't think I must to this , try that, choose that life. It also doesn't make me feel free to choose.
So, no more "must" for me!
In fact I have no idea about the next 5 or 10 years, I hardly know about next week...And it's pretty fine for me this way, I have the freedom to adapt to whatever might come in my way.
While trying to stick to those "baby steps" I just want to be healthy and happy, and these are the only "plans" I take seriously!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Dirty Grandpa: A must see!

Asteptam aceasta comedie de ceva vreme asa ca in weekend am vazut-o in cinema.

Aveam mai multe motive sa aleg Dirty Grandpa: imi doream o comedie la care sa razi din plin( si este!), prezenta lui Robert de Niro( mi-a placut si in The Intern) si desigur my crush Zac Efron,care chiar are rol de "papusel" in acest film.
Sunt atatea farse, situatii comice si replici inspirate incat nu ai timp sa te plictisesti.
Un bunic plin de viata , un nepot aproape insurat , o calatorie, petreceri, droguri, iar in final redescoperirea unor vechi pasiuni.